Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Last of the Venison

I shot two hinds (female deer) about 2 weeks ago just before the season ended. They hung for about 10 days which is 3 days longer then I would normally hang them for but the weather was so cold it was perfect. I butchered them on Saturday and cooked the saddle that evening with a bunch of friends - served rare it was mind blowingly tender. The next day I made venison garlic sausages (garlic, allspice, sage, salt + pepper) and venison prune and brandy sausages. The garlic sausages turned out great though I haven't tried the prune and brandy ones yet. In all I made about 16kg of sausages, 4kg of diced, and about 8kg of mince, 4 shanks, 3 leg roasts and 1 leg which I boned and am currently marinating for to make venison braesaola. In order to combat the excessive saltiness I experienced the last time I tried it I am definately going to take Justin's advice and soak it for half an hour after it has been hanging for a month or so.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Simple way to make Parma ham (in theory)

This link gives extremely clear instructions on how to make Parma Ham. Whats also interesting is the lack of salt that they use which seems to be because they are only rubbing in the cure/salt mix and then vac packing it. I'm really excited by this as when I made my homemade proscuitto (parma ham) I was left with a huge amount of salt to get rid of. Today I bought curing salt and starter culture from their site...