Sunday, January 31, 2010

Venison Jerky

About two years ago I bought a book by Nick Sandler and Johnny Acton called Preserved - an excellent book in my opinion. In it is a guide on how to make venison jerky and as I have access to a large amount of venison i decided to give it a go. I deboned two legs (this time a sika shot in the Wicklow mountains) and cut it into strips about 5cm thick. I seasoned the strips with salt and pepper and dipped them in cider vinegar. The book recommends a hanging the meat by hooks in a wooden box and attaching a lightbulb to the floor of the box which is turned on - luckily i have a dog's kennel that i was able to convert for this purpose and it worked really well - and took about 3 days. (By the way my dog only spent one night in there and i gave it a really good clean inside before I used it, Poppy is currently happily living inside our house and has forgiven us for attempting to make her live in a little shed in the cold).

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