If you are going to eat veal...

I think it should be Irish Rose Veal


If you buy veal that comes from the continent there is a good chance that it was actually born in Ireland as we currently export about 91,000 calves a year which are used in veal production over there.

However at the time of writing Rosé veal is not yet regulated in Ireland and is to be found on farms in the UK which are associated with the UK RSPCA's Freedom Food programme.

In which case my writing on this subject may seem like a waste of time but I think if people are aware of what is happening they can ask the butcher where it comes from and then make an informed decision - more importantly it shows the butcher that there is a demand for Irish grown veal which is far far better for our environment and our dairy farmers. This is because pure bred dairy calves that are neither suitable for beef production or replacing the dairy herd are normally shot within a few hours of birth where as the veal option sees them live for 5 or 6 months which is basically as long as the average pig or lamb.

Compassion in World Farming (Ireland) is currently campaigning to ban exports of live animals Check out >http://www.ciwf.ie/press/newsletters.html to find out more.

8 Hours is an online petition against current EU legislation which allows animals (some are only 2 weeks old) to be transported for several days. The petition is hoping to change the law so that animals for slaugther should never be transported for more than eight hours.