Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Last of the Venison

I shot two hinds (female deer) about 2 weeks ago just before the season ended. They hung for about 10 days which is 3 days longer then I would normally hang them for but the weather was so cold it was perfect. I butchered them on Saturday and cooked the saddle that evening with a bunch of friends - served rare it was mind blowingly tender. The next day I made venison garlic sausages (garlic, allspice, sage, salt + pepper) and venison prune and brandy sausages. The garlic sausages turned out great though I haven't tried the prune and brandy ones yet. In all I made about 16kg of sausages, 4kg of diced, and about 8kg of mince, 4 shanks, 3 leg roasts and 1 leg which I boned and am currently marinating for to make venison braesaola. In order to combat the excessive saltiness I experienced the last time I tried it I am definately going to take Justin's advice and soak it for half an hour after it has been hanging for a month or so.

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